Wednesday, October 28, 2009

just when i was talking about getting dis-illusioned as a student and with academia as a whole, i received an email informing me that the university is going to publish a research which i did last year.

for any researcher (anybody who does research), the greatest satisfaction, i would imagine, comes when your article gets published. this research programme that i participated in is an elitist one and i've claimed over a thousand bucks for the time spent on my research; i thought i've been compensated enough. it has never come across to me that my paper was good enough to be published (bearing in mind that i am competing with fellow dean's listers from all majors) so this is a pleasant surprise and a bonus.

upon reflection, many fantastic stuff, academic-wise, have been raining down on me for the past 3 and a half years. so much that i wonder if i am going to finish using all the luck i'm entitled for this lifetime, if ever luck can be quantified. i hope not.

still, my faith in academia is dwindling. can't wait to get out of this huge mazy social laboratory and start tasting practical stuff for a change.

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