Thursday, February 21, 2008


IF I STRIKE TOTO (10 fooking million bucks!)
If I strike Toto, I would buy a nice house and a flashy car, in cash.
Give a portion of it to my parents.
Walk into Prada and buy that stunning white bag.
Invest in a low risk diversified portfolio.
Dump the rest into a Fixed D.
Every year collect interest.
TENDER my resignatioN!
Buy 2 cute puppies. Since I tendered I'll have time to take care of them.
Open a shop and employ someone to take care of it.
and of cuz i will GIVE close friends & family a good treat!

I can finally buy you a Tag Heuer! I know u don't like rolex..
and then travel the world like nobody's business.

Jialat..10 million don't know enough or not

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