Sunday, November 04, 2007

for all who's wonderin what happened to me, here i am!

im diggin every bit of my workin life. or rather, non-working life. i have NEVER watched so many movies in a week before. NEVER. Ranging from old classic disneys to killing addiction movies. i even finished a whole season of ugly betty in 2 days. im treasuring my time spent at work before the peak begins. well not really at work but i kinda consider being in the office "at work".

Apparently, peers at the other 3 aren't so erm so lucky slack unassigned. im so glad i made the right choice.

Apart from my lovely work life, i have great colleagues too. last fri before our AGM at MOS, at 2 pm, i was given the impossible task of doin SA for 5 entities. hellooo?? lilke 1 takes 2 hours and 5 takes 10 hours??? HOW WAS I GONA GO TO THE PARTEEEE???!!? By the time i came back to the office from the client's place, it was 5PM. there goes my party

All my unassigned colleagues kindly offered to do 1 entity each and we finished it in the next 2 hours~ Thank God For Them!~ maybe cuz im nice thats why they're all so nice to me

So anyway, we shuffled all 13 of us to MOS and paRtiEEeeE!!



Cher said...

Gawd! I didnt noe u are having such a whale of a time there!! Lucky YOU! I am in need of a BREAK.

Anonymous said...


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