Friday, October 26, 2007

two individuals, lets just call them person A and person B, were managers at a MNC, wth good career prospects and a bright career ahead.

they din cherish what they had, committed some white-collar crime and were sentenced to jail, 10 years each.

after their release, they were lucky that another MNC picked them up. since they are talented individuals, it didnt take long for them to be promoted to executive level in the company.

some newspaper wanted to do an interview with them, since their lifestyle and career had been anything but ordinary.

person A went on and on about how he overcame the difficult time in jail, and the fact that he can be where he is now is due to his nvr-say-die attitude. commented tat it proved that it is possible to take the alternative path to success and he should be the role model for those who think tat their future is hopeless.

person B reflected upon his past, sighed and expressed his regret over having to spend ten years in jail, an absolute waste of time for him, as the time could be better spent on building his career. being a role model is far from his thought, he would rather advise young people not to follow in his footsteps.

now, same situation, why the difference upon the reflection?

many of us have a tendency to behave like person A, glorifying a successful repeated attempt.

i'm not saying that theres anything wrong to be happy that you have managed to overcome some difficulties to be where u r today.

but stop to think, and ask yourself, how did you got into that kind of hopeless situation in the first place?

so dun give yourself too much credit, you din turn your life around.

in fact, you messed it up first. but luckily, you have e chance to put it right again.

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