Wednesday, October 24, 2007

most famous penal code, number 377A (what other law do we remember its penal code?).

enough written on the topic, i'm not about to make a stand here.

but, click on this link:

it is a petition, not to abolish 377a but to support it.. how (un)original...

what disturb me is the argument put forth by the church.

i dunno how being homosexual can be more sinful than capitalists exploiting proletariat (those who have read the protestant ethics will agree with me), but those arguments simply cannot stand, because Singapore is a secular state.

it is ridiculous, an absolute mockery, to argue for the existence of a law based on religious ground. then taoists will say eating beef is sinful, buddhists will say we shld all eat vege, muslims will say cannot eat pork. put all these into the penal code, they will say.

then what will become of Singapore? unsecularly multi-religious.

a MP actually used these arguments in parliament. goodness, he must be living in the Roman Period.

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