Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Im seriously jet-lagged. After visiting palaces and their gardens and countless magnificent cathedrals,

endlessssss roundabouts..(you see, unlike the one we have at marine parade, they spend effort to beautify every single roundabout, )

I can't believe i spent 17 Euros to see this shitBarcelona FC with with its changing room and press conference room.

My favourite part of the trip is of course, the shopping, LaRambla (the iconic street with buskers and peddlers selling shit from flowers to colourful birds, turtles, doves, weasels and iguanas) Seriously, why is one turkey so fat while the other's so skinny?

Last but not least, the silly candid shots we took.

Its ok Heather, you'll learn to jump higher when you grow up..

Once more,

Finally, adios to Spain and Home Sweet Home.

I love travelling. It takes me to another world where i don't worry about any shit. Back to reality, why are my savings not increasing??? I don't have any commitments, I don't contribute to my family and I have no loans to pay.I don't even pay for the car petrol. So where have all the moolah gone?? In 2008, I have contributed generously to the economy of Dubai, HongKong, Malaysia, Spain and Portugal. I seldom worry about the M thing as I always spend within my means. Im more concerned as to how I have to face myself when you're gone. If i have the means, I will fly to seattle every month, just to see you.

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