Saturday, July 26, 2008

忘了是怎麼開始, 也許就是對你有一種感覺.
忽然間發現自己已深深愛上你, 真的很簡單.
愛的地暗天黑都已無所謂, 是是非非無法決擇.
沒有後悔為愛日夜去跟隨, 那個瘋狂的人是我.

I love you, 無法不愛你 baby, 說你也愛我.
I love you, 永遠不願意 baby 失去你.
不可能更快樂, 只要能在一起, 做什麼都可以.
雖然世界變個不停用最真誠的心, 讓愛變的簡單.
愛的地暗天黑都已無所謂, 是是非非無法決擇.
沒有後悔為愛日也去跟隨, 那個瘋狂的人是我.

I love you, 一直在這裡陪, 一直在愛你.
I love you, oh yes I do, 永遠都不放棄, 這愛你的權利.
half a decade, thats how long we've been in love.
i may not be the best boyfriend out there, but i take care of you like you're the best.
i dun believe its coincidence that my life began changing for the better since you've walked into it.
you have made the impact, and i want you to be part of my future.
to construct our dreams and future together.
Hope you've enjoyed the meal at Lawry's.
e water
e bread
e salad (1st i've eaten in my life, and i think i still prefer non-green)

e meat

e star

e strucked

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Cher said...

So awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)


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