Saturday, February 09, 2008

To jac: Gossip Girl is very different from sex&theCity. I prefer the former!~

To the rest of you: Happy Chinese New Year!!! Hope all of you can collect as much ang bao as me hahaha~!!!
2008 is a bad year. Its started off by revealing how "playboy" Edison is. I am immensely depressed and disappointed. Everyone knows he's a bad boy but.....trails off..forget it. actually he's quite stupid to lose the photos. Don't like him already. Rayray is so happy about that, right?? I quote him, "yes, 1 down."

All Singaporeans, Ah Meng is dead!!!!! SOB!! She's jia yu hu xiao, ren jian ren ai, he ai ke qin. and she's gone..i swear im gonna find the photo i took with her when i was 4.

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