Wednesday, October 28, 2009

godpa brought me out for my second jab yesterday. he dumped me in to my bag while driving because mummy was at work. i am smarter than he thinks; i found a gap and forced my not-so-small head through. ended up on the car mat and i had fun hiding under the passenger seat before he dumped me back in to the bag again when we met with the red light. he held on to the opening of the bag while driving with the other hand. pheww lucky we didn't meet with an accident if not he better be guilty for such reckless driving.

i got a shock when i reached the farm. dogs of all breeds stood up and greet me. the high decible of incense barking gave me an headache. i saw two of my brothers while waiting for the vet and i think god is unfair that i look so much cuter than them. pity i didn't see another two of my brothers who have been sold to pet shop. heard they fetched a higher price than me (almost double) but trust me i am the most handsome in the family.

the jabbing was horrible and i would rather not talk about it. all i know is that i was looking forward for godpa to pick me up. so happy and relieved to see him that i nearly wagged my tail out!

another crazy journey back when he had to hold on to my bag and drive. again, i proved that i am smarter than he thinks. i found another gap and managed to escape again! he was crazy to pick me up from the mat and put me on his lap while we make our way back home. obviously i tried not to move while on his lap because i fear for my life. not sure if the traffic police would have booked me and ban me from driving even before i am old enough to get my own driving license.

my arm still hurt as the jabbing site is still sore. i shriek in pain whenever mummy carries me by the arm. i hope the pain will go away soon. 10 more days and i can go out for daily walks!

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Cher said...

AHHAHAHA, this is quite funny muffin, I always thought u were female. would love to meet u :)


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