Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hi everyone, this is my first entry! It has been one week since I found my home (or rather since my home found me). I have a humble play den with a security blanket, bottled water and a bright yellow pee tray for me to do my embarrassing business. My gorgeous mummy also bought me a hamburger toy! It squeaks occassionally when I play with it. Its my favouorite toy and I think Mr. hamburger likes me too!

Mummy always has messy long hair when she takes care of me. She cleans my poop and whines at me for pooping so much. Although I feel really bad, I can't help that I've got so much poop! I love to run after her gigantic legs and nibble on her big toe. I remember crying so badly one night when I was disturbed by a cockroach. Mummy finally woke up at 4.30 a.m. to rescue me! I am so terrified of roaches! Other than that, I sleep and eat well most of the time.

Today, mummy and god-daddy cut my long manes. It looks so patchy now but I feel less warm. I hope they bring me out again today. I hope we take the car because I love car rides!

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muffin's slave said...

wah new co-owner of blog hahaha


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