Saturday, May 03, 2008

3 good news!!

I received a caught-Jeffrey-in-transit autographed Jefferey Archer's latest novel from Ade today. It was a gift for my parents from a very sweet couple. Im at chapter 11 and I still don't know why its called "A Prisoner of Birth"
The second news is so great that i cant contain it any longer..SCREAM: Minnie's expecting!!! OMG I'm so happy for her! I still rem her all skinny and studious. Playing doctor doctor at her house seemed like just yesterday. Suddenly she's gonna become a mother! Max and I are so excited that we've already came up with names for the baby. For instance, if its a girl we'll call her Ashley and if its a boy we'll call him Ash (Pokemon~!~).

The final good news, i bought new lingerie!

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