Wednesday, May 07, 2008

i'm loving it at the SPF!

initially i tot the internship will have an element of saikang - filing cum photocopying cum filing - but none at all (there are people there who specializes in such stuff)!

infact i'm assigned to do this project all on my own! (director said tat i dun need to be in the office 8.30-6, can come and go as i like, can work from home, as long as i produce the goods come end of the internship). but obviously i still stick to office hour la.

went for the sla scholarship interview today. (sian right, always get shortlisted but was nvr good enough to be awarded).

shocking man.. the panel consist of the ceo and 3 directors.

i really enjoyed the session, seems more like a chitchat session than an interview to me, only thing is that they keep scrutinizing my results, saying that sec n jc results compared to uni results are like of two different persons.

think quite hard la huh.. in this world which put much value on having perfect scores. but certainly another valuable interview experience in the bag.


ek said...

hows work? smu pple really talk alot but inside man..i dunno how to avoid his office politics..

ek said...

i think u suay interview all never ask for results 1...u try to beef up ur cca...expose to more more different stuff..then they will be excited...then when u talk must sound excited and assertive on ur own view..if need to argue..argue...they wan to see own view..very impt


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