Thursday, May 01, 2008

Havent been blogging for quite a while as i've been pretty occupied with work. Audit is really much like army, as discussed during one the lunches i had with my team. You rush to wait, and then wait to rush. So you get really busy times as well as lull periods where u surf the net and watch gossip girl..ok the gossip girl part is not true in the army though.

Lydia and i went fixed assets sighting in jurong island and they gave us each ugly safety boots and a malodorous helmet. The boots, which by the way were the smallest size, were so big for me that my feet kept sliding out when i walked.
You see what i mean by ugly????
I won't even bother showing you the helmet.

Back in office, we were then rewarded by Kel with cakes from the Patissier!! OOooh what an array of chocolates!! The rum and raisin is remarkably delectable. Every raisin is soaked in rum which slowly oozes out when you bite the raisin..Too bad I'm allergic to alcohol nowadays. I thought that the earl grey was pretty interesting too, just not as addictive.. and FYI, that pile of black thing costs 50 bucks all in all. But then again, whats 50 bucks for connecting with something with such affinity.....

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JaCqUee_eeN said...

the boots are fugly babe...haha...

Oh! The double chocolate praline from Le Pattisier is absolutely fantastic!!!! =))

Totally agree with you on the cakes! yum.


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