Tuesday, March 04, 2008

some readers' comment i copid from the straits times 4th march.
and written in blue are my comments.

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4 March 2008
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I WAS surprised by the question in Parliament by the MP for Bukit Panjang, Dr Teo Ho Pin, who asked why the Home Affairs Ministry 'took so long, four hours' to inform the public. Four hours is a prompt response. How swiftly should it have been? Thirty minutes? One hour? It was a trifle overzealous of Dr Teo.
---CALVIN HO, referring to a Straits Times report last Friday describing Dr Teo's query. Dr Teo heads the government committee in the House which oversees Home Affairs and Law

Imagine a burglar broke into your house and your maid only inform you four hours after the bulglar left, will you be angry? this analogy is perfect, because in a democracy, citizens are king. government is there to serve. worse, your maid refused to be 'transparent' and 'accountable' by keeping quiet over how the bulglar got in.

Pleasant surprise: I WAS pleasantly surprised by the front-page apology of Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Wong Kan Seng, in The Straits Times last Friday. I am impressed by Mr Wong's willingness and courage to account for a lapse of diligence by his subordinates.
---Soh Yew Peng

yes i am also surprised that he apologized. it wasn't in their nature to do so. but we need more than just an apology. saying sorry is not equivalent to 'willingness and courage to ACCOUNT..'. if i give you a punch and i apologize, i am not in any way telling you why i hit you (which is the accounting part)

Blogging louts: BLOGGERS are having a field day. What is despicable is that some bloggers who take refuge under the cloak of anonymity or pseudonymity have crossed the line of morality and decency.
---Lionel De Souza

true that some bloggers are making a joke out of this issue. but then again. it is supposed to be a free country. internet provides the channel so why not?

Four-hour gap: WAS the four-hour gap between the escape and informing the public due to the authorities' hope Mas Selamat Kastari would be apprehended without alerting them?
---Lee Weijia

maybe.. but surely a big booboo and miscalculation. did they manage to capture him within four hours?

Win some, lose some: THOSE of us who have served in the armed forces, police and relevant security and safety agencies, have all had our fair share of lapses. Even the most elite soldiers make such mistakes. This is a war on terror, we win some, we lose some.
---Gideon Lee Chee Chin
it is not a war. it is about looking after somebody who is detained and not giving him any opportunity at all to escape, especially from the loo. we cannot afford to lose in this aspect, the implication is unthinkable.

Independent?: AS DR Choong May Ling is the current deputy secretary for security and corporate services in the Ministry of Home Affairs, does she qualify as an independent member of the Commission of Inquiry into the escape?
---Chua Teow Kiong
hmm.. my understanding of Singapore's political system is that judicial branch is independent. but.. hmm.. well.. independent is subjective.. and citizens dun get to define the meaning.

Please be sensitive: I WAS in a train when a boy looked at me and told his mother: 'Look ma, JI (outlawed terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah) guy.' I bowed my head and said nothing.
People should be more sensitive. I wanted to show them the Reservist uniform I was carrying with me. I'm a proud and loyal Singaporean. I am against any form of terrorism that threatens Singapore. Parents should play their part in educating their kids; we are living in a tolerant country with different races.
---Muhd Abdillah A. Rahman
bang, if i were you i will be irritated la.. but come on la.. the boy is just a kid. if you are really a proud and loyal singaporean then you should be happy that even a little boy is so alert and vigilant. quite ironic leh.. you say we are living in tolerant country but you like not very tolerant sial.. chill la bang..

Until then...: MY HEART will not be at peace until I receive news that Mas Selamat is caught or has left the country.
---Gilbert Goh Keow Wah

your heart will be at peace if he has left the country? it would mean that its out of our hands if he will be captured. and he can still plan to attack singapore even when he is located at other countries. sigh.. why so shallow?


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