Monday, March 17, 2008

i went to stb today, to the assessment centre, for the selection for mid term scholarships.

nice building they have, nice environment and ambience, true to their motto of 'serious about fun'.

realized that they only shortlisted 24 ppl for the assessment (and there is only one session), and 4 out of these 24 will be offered scholarship.

out of 24, only 4 are from ntu, roughly 6 from nus, and the REST are all from smu. out of 24 ppl, almost 20 are from business courses. i really feel weird as e only sociology major there.

3 rounds of assessments.

first we have to do a one minute presentation on an assigned topic. its madness, as we were only given 10 secs, yes.. SECONDS to sort out our thoughts.

followed by a grp activity, some ball games to see how you work as a team.

lastly, a team discussion and presentation on a scenerio set by the assessors.

i thoroughly enjoyed the session, which makes me guilty for wanting to skip it initially. i was reluctant as i knew im not going to get it, so what for go there and run e risk of making a fool out of myself (yes im a quitter).

thanks to rach who encouraged me to go for it and to be my natural self and show them what i've got.
well, something haven change. i doubt i stand a chance. because, other than e presentation, wayang-ing is really crucial in the assessment. with some many smu ppl ard, you know what u will get.

it is really not in my nature to wayang (im not saying that its bad to know how to wayang, i wish i have tat 'skill'). so i see many ppl who try too hard to impress (cant blame them really, we are there to impress anyway).

i was talking to this smu guy, and he told me his sch taught them how to wayang, and he wasnt sure if its a good thing. i told him its good, because that will land him a job. but he said that its difficult to control e urge to wayang (yes those were his words) and he commented that when smu ppl step out to the workforce, they will get onto their colleagues' nerves as they tend to talk too much. im glad he is aware of that.

anyways, im contented, simply for the fact tat im e one of the shortlisted 24, particularly in a sea of business students. this assessment has certainly boast my confidence and ego, and i won't have as serious a phobia for job interviews as before (because nothing can be as scary as giving you only 10 secs to prepare for a presentation on an ridiculous topic)

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