Friday, February 29, 2008

public figures who know how to say sorry should be respected.
and as always, when a minister comes out and apologize for any mistake at all, my heart softens and always accept the apology. i mean, a humble man deserve forgiveness for his honest mistake.
im sure many ppl think like wise

but the home affairs minister's apology has been met with angry and hostile reaction by netizens.
even i am tempted to say 'sorry no cure'.

then i realized that a proper apology should come with proper explanations.
yes, minister told us that he escaped during a toilet break.
but is that enough information?
we want to know how he bloody escaped from the detention centre.
did he squeeze himself into the drain like a rat? flew over the fencelike a crow? or what?

the fact that the incident happened at 4pm and news of it was only released to the public at 8pm hint at the attitude of the ministry: if we can capture him then theres no need for the public to know, our reputation is important, you know.

too bad they couldnt find him, and after 4 long hours, decided that they have no choice but to make it public.

way to go man. more good years ahead.

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