Monday, May 21, 2007

I saw this SMU ad on Today (21st May) page 5.

an ad by smu sch of accountancy, featuring 4 freshmen-to-be and the dean.

3 of the 4 are from elite schools. the odd one out is from Tampines JC.

3 out of the four are student councillor, president scout and national sch badminton champion.

This tpjc girl, is a TRIPLE GOLD MEDALLIST!!!... in Int'l Choir Competition. those are the exact 7 words used. when i saw the first three words i thought its some high jump or swimming comp.

the competition she had 'won three gold medals' in was held in KL, and most of the choirs came from this region, as few of the top European choirs wanna travel to this part of the world to compete in a competition still in its infancy stage.

make no mistake, i love tpjc choir, of 2002, and will not belittle their achievement at that competiton. but still, this is a blatant mis-usage of information by the institution which posted the ad. and now i wonder wat is the definition of president scout and nation sch's badminton champion. how low and cheap do you have to go to attract students?

on hindsight, can i indicate that i'm a Olympics medalists in my resume, since the choir i was with won a silver and a bronze medal in Busan Choir Olympics 02.

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