Monday, May 21, 2007

there was this article by Today Editorial Director on Gay debate.

opinions are split as to whether e govt should 'legalize' gay relationship, basically streamed from the various different views if our society are ready to accept these special people and their special way of life.

are we ready to see two men hugging in a MRT cabin, offering pecks on the cheeks in between loving whispers? this reminded me of one of my coursemates' comment on homosexuality 'if two girls want to kiss ok la, but if two guys kiss infront of me i wont be able to accept.'

many parents are afraid that acceptance of gays will translate into future generation seeing it as a norm and taking in the 'wrong' values on sexual orientation.

I think it is crucial for us to accept gays, because whether we do or not, these people exist. go visit Happy Club and you will know what i mean. therefore it is better to acknowledge their presence so that not so many things will be taking place underground, and these people are often talented individuals who can contribute alot to society. it will do good to keep their motivation and morale up to tap on their expertise, talent and skills. instead of chasing them away by making them feel unwelcome in our society.

I was naive to think that true gays do not exist, until jc, when i encountered one, who tried to tackle me, not a sliding tackle mind you. therefore i feel that gays shld also compromise, even if the society accepts you and your way of life, that does not give you a right to harrass straight guys. keep your relationships and flings within your community and we can have a heart to heart talk over cuppa like good old friends anytime.

but i'm not so sure if i can accept if my offspring is a homosexual. maybe shld add that into my list of old age suicide analysis.

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