Monday, May 21, 2007

Dear Liang,

I just came back from MICA. not the end yet of briefings yet. more to come by various festivals managers, so the building with colourful little windows will be a place i dread by the festivals finale..

I took up the post as liaison officer thinking that it will be a fun and entertaining job to keep me occupied, and more importantly to beautify my resume. I din realize the sheer magnitude of ther job and the responsibility attached to it. I should have been happy that i am 1 out of the 10 they selected from a pool of applicants of undergrads thru interviews, but then with a guideline and job description that is 9-page thick, my happiness has subsided.

I will be attached to the artistes the moment they set foot on Changi Airport, arrange for transport to pick them up, check into hotels for them, arrange logistics for their rehearsals and performance, liaise with stage manager of performance venue, even to accompany them to Lau Pat Sat and Newton Circus for supper!

I tried to console myself by saying that its nothing, tour guides do this kinda things everyday. But then these people i'm resp for are seasoned artistes who have performed all over the world, and as you know, seasoned pros come with attitude, often undesirable ones. Which is why i believe that NAC gets temp to do the job, if not all the perms will probably lose their job at the end of the festivals.

At least at the very end, I will get my pay, built a network with managers in mica and nac, have contacts of hotels, transport company, mineral water supplier, bouquet florists and hopefully a few foreign friends from Germany and Romania.


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