Friday, March 30, 2007

few months ago i wrote into the newspaper about security officers stationed at mrt stations. abt how the guards at punggol mrt always check my bag whenever im taking e train and they are on duty. so one day i asked one of them, while he was checking my bag, in true blue Singaporean language.

me: 'why i always kena check huh, the station so crowded, i have never seen you guys check other people before' (anyway, some background info, people who take train from punggol mrt are mostly office ladies)

garang guard kept quiet. glanced into content of my bag and said 'thank you, sir'
im obviously agitated.

me: 'you think guys easier to approach right, somemore im young, you afraid to check the older people right, and too troublesome to approach the female right'

garang guard: 'no lah, the ladies' bags all so small, nothing to check'

even my hypertension medicine wouldn have helped at this point in time.

me: 'you mean bag small cannot put bomb ar? thats so ridicuous!'

garang guard: 'thank you sir, ive finished checking, u can go'

look at his attitute, this sort of checking is supposed to be random selection, but hes doing it like a judgemental sampling. let me tell u who he will omit: malays, female, middle aged. he is very much left with young men like me.

i understand why newspaper dun wanna publish my article la, because terrorists will know they can use female, malay or non-youth to bring stuff into punggol mrt station.

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