Friday, March 30, 2007

last post was trigger by this news article i saw on Today 30 March.

setting: budget terminal, mum and kids going thru security check before boarding plane.

Daughter: 'Mummy, why do you have to remove your shoes?'

Mummy: 'They are afraid that we might keep bombs in our shoes.'

tell me whats wrong with the mummy's answer. a security guard who chose to perform selective hearing heard the word 'bomb' and asked her to repeat herself. she did of cuz, and the guard told her that she would be reported as saying that B word twice, another female guard told her that it is illegal and police will be called in.

police sergeants arrived, while the mummy and her husband explained to them the context in which the B word was used, they were told to wait for senior officers to arrive.

because of that, the family of four missed their flight to Australia.

what is wrong with these security guards? what kind of training have they been thru? trying to score point or what? "hohoho, finally in my career as a security guard i have caught people saying the word 'bomb'."

and the police sergeants are equally disappointing. even if they cannot make decisions, they can call the senior officers and allow the family to explain through the phone. this is 100% bureaucracy inefficiency with red tape entangling the non-decision makers.

these are people without much common sense. the family may have been compensated, but these people, the Aetos guards and the police sergeants have made a fool out of themselves.

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