Wednesday, July 19, 2006

when she failed to start her car today, she called me immediately, explained to me the situation that she's in and asked me what she's supposed to do. i gave her some advice, about cranking halfway before going for the full crank and told her that most probably the battery is weak, and she needs a slave start cable and make use of another car's battery to start the stalled car.

i forgot that i have knowledge on the mechnical issues of vehicle. i actually have military license class 3, 4 and 5. im not a driver, but my vocation requires us to have the heavy class license.and in army they teach you everything about maintenance of vehicles and the basic repair, becuz the vehicles always break down. but those are good things to learn, as i apply to my dad's car at times, like what to check, what to clean and what to top up blablabla.

on my way back home on the expressway, there was this vehicle hogging on to the left most lane.. yes the left most lane meant for slow moving heavy vehicles.. those who drive would have guessed it, it was a military vehicle. the 'owner' of military vehicles should have realized that their speed limit of 50km/h is was too slow. een small lorries can travel at 70 now. they think tat 50 is safe, but they are so wrong. big buses and lorries try to overtake those military vehicles. which is so so dangerous, imagine a double deck bus swerve out of its lane,as it has to be quick to change lane, then swerve back in again ahead of the slow 50kmh green truck.

but i have to add that those drivers behind the wheels of the green truck are very inexperienced which is why i stay away from them when im driving..

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