Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i woke up from what seemed like 4 hours of sleep but was in fact 11, slurped down my soup and got ready to meet ya. Tossed my bag and notebook in the backseat and cranked the key. once. twice. thrice. thats it. i knew the batt was dead. damn it. checked the lights but nothing was left on. wasnt my fault then. but damn it anyway. just my luck. i grudgingly lugged my belongings, unwillingly strolled to the side gate, unenthusiastically tapped the switch for the gate to open and reluctantly dragged myself 5 meters to the bustop.

Told myself that the day would just get better. somehow, it did. maybe cause you were there. maybe cause we bought 5 packets of tissue from the handicapped lady. whatever the reason.

Chanced upon this ad while i was flipping through an old mag. kinda cute~

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