Thursday, July 20, 2006

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StarHub cable TV account terminated without justification

I USED to subscribe to StarHub cable TV. Under its current policy, every subscriber has to subscribe to a basic group programme and then select other optional programmes.

On May 31, 2002, I subscribed to Basic Group at $20 a month and Sport Group at $8 month. The total amount was $28 before GST and $29.40 after GST. I was entitled to watch the following three countries and other football matches under Sport Group:

England - Premier League

Italy - Seria A

Spain - La Liga

Others - 2002 World Cup, Champions League, FA Cup, Carling Cup and so on.

In July 2004, StarHub raised the monthly subscription fee for Sport Group from $8 to $15, an 87.5 per cent increase. The reason given was that the number of broadcasts of English Premier League football matches had been increased. I had no objection to StarHub's decision as their reason was valid. Thereafter, my monthly subscription fee was increased from $29.40 to $38.85 per month including GST.

Due to an internal disagreement on prices between StarHub and Italy Seria A Agency, StarHub had stopped broadcasting Italy Seria A Live Football matches since August last year. However, it refused to reduce the monthly subscription fee of Sport Group.

As consumers, we cannot accept such a decision. When it comes to a rise in fees, StarHub was quick and efficient in jacking up their prices by a great percentage. But when it comes to the reverse, it refused to do anything, even when it is easily justifiable.

I paid only two-thirds of $38.85, that is, $25.90, to StarHub in monthly subscription fees since then, because the three major live football matches from England, Italy and Spain were cut down to only England and Spain.

Because I refused to pay the full amount of $38.85 per month, at July 7 this year my disputable balance was $111.48 and StarHub cut off my TV viewing on July 14 even though it is not an outstanding amount.

I hope the authorities will look into this unjustifiable action by StarHub.

Chia See Chun

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