Friday, July 21, 2006

rem late last year, 31st oct, a mazda car sales lady, 22 years old got killed during a test drive? if you dun remember, here's the link:

her body was badly smashed up, and the driver is a 24 year old guy, whom we last heard from the media was out on bail (last heard 8 months ago).

everybody was calling for his head, becuz of his dangerous driving that cause a innocent young lady to lose her life. yet, until now, 9 months on, still no news of that irresponsible guy being prosecuted.

is this the norm to take this long to process a fatal traffic accident, or is he some big shot's son? until now, his name is still not revealed. Previously, in big news such as major crimes and major accidents, the identity of the culprits were established with ease and within a short span of time, such as one week. But this time, after so long, we're still in the dark about the culprit.

surely he is from family with big influence. what i heard the minimum penalty for such case is jail for 5 years and fine 5k, correct me if im wrong. i believe if this were to happen in a more liberal country, the bugger's face will be splashed all over at the first page the very next day. singapore media really wasn't ranked 147 out of 167 for nothing..

I personally feel that the local media have no standard to keep up to, hence resulting in reports with varying degrees of details when done up by different reporters.If you ever watch News on Channel 5, you'd realise what I mean. Some of the news shown are laughable and makes the 30 minutes look very unprofessional.

im complaining about 2 things at the same the time, in case u r confused by now.. i hope justice can be done and our media can buck up.

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