Saturday, July 29, 2006

there you go, btw, im raymond low, not liu.

Rule 1: List 5 weird or random things about myself.

1. I love home

2. I scored A1 for O levels E maths and failed my A Maths.

3. I have hypertension, and its currentlt under control by medication

4. I play the role of a striker in soccer. But never knew how to head the ball cuz im scared. Infact scored only once from header off a corner.

5. I never like going to sch when i was young, cried and cried in school until my parents were called in.

Rule 2: 5 RANDOM people whom i want to do this

1. Ho De Zhi

2. Andrew Goh

3. Ray Lin

4. Darren Tan

5. Kelvin Tiong

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