Saturday, July 29, 2006

I got the following from jacs blog.
Jac, I shall do what u wan me to! here goes:

Rule 1: List 5 weird or random things about myself.

1. I forget my dreams. All of them! Wasnt like that in the past though. Now, I rem my dreams the very split second I wake up. But after that, I cant seem to rem anything about them. (this isnt too weird right? Im sure many pple are like that too)

2. I treasure friendships. A lot. But am passive at maintaining them. (not too weird also right?)

3. I have an extra line on my right 4th finger. (now thats weird I admit)

4th finger on left hand

4th finger on right hand

spot the difference

4. I dip my mac fries in curry sauce. I pour curry sauce on my mac burger. I dun eat chilli.

5. Im a sucker for tea!

Rule 2: 5 RANDOM people whom i want to do this

1. Raymond Liuuuu

2. Melbourne Bitch

3. Mei Ow

4. Ruth

5. Debra Ng

1 comment:

debra said...

Oh yeah! i rem ur extra line! Hahaha!!!


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