Saturday, July 29, 2006

After todays kbox session, I realised im so out of touch with the latest songs. To think that I used to be able to tell the title and artist of every new hit jus by listening to its introduction. Nah I can no longer do that. But it doesnt matter. The older u grow, the less ur mind wants to retain useless information becuz it wants to work only when it really needs to. But actually, our mind has a larger capacity than what we imagine it to have. We only store information in a fraction of the space up there. If only we can learn how to fully utilize it.

oh ya and kbox is getting lousy. my personal opinion. terrible mics and system that gives that typical screeching sound when u on 2 mics at the same time

After kbox, I went to meet Ruth at her office and we walked to THE CATHAY to watch THE LAKE HOUSE. We met at 3 pm by the way. U are one arrogant employee. Jus becuz you have tendered and got another job does NOT give u the right to catch a movie during office hours. But then, you get the right because u watched it with mua.

Jan said im GUAI and QUIET. Haha. Seriously, I think I am. Never seen someone as erm -clears throat- as self-disciplined -clears throat again- as me. But its ok right? My friends have all along accepted me for who I am. I think

I liked the show. Although there were some loopholes in it, u can figure out whats goin on at least. i mean not that i liked the show because i could understand it but purely because i liked the story. AND the cast. There was Keanu and Sandra, both whom I like! Most importantly, it was an ending that I like!~! Im not revealing anything else about the show nor the ending jus in case any of u who hasnt seen it wants to. Ok but it was a good ending. I love happy endings! Shit. Im sorry I said it

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