Thursday, July 27, 2006

it took me 4 white lies, some money, some shuffling around and some great planning to deliver this surprise.The joy on your face - priceless!

i really had fun tonight!~!!

we can all see that dinner was quite good from that glutton look of yours! haha
"Pls don't disturb me, im enjoying my sushi here."

I really liked the CHIMICHANGA. Cant describe it but a picture speaks a thousand words so here it is:

You on your 2nd helping of crayfish~ no, 3rd helping. ok i think it was the 4th.

Desert was so-so only. the pastries weren't that notable. but it was so much fun squeezing partially peeled longans out and popping them directly into each others mouth! u know, thats quite dangerous cuz u never know when your fingers might exert too much strength and pop the longan straight down my oesophageus.

u had multiple servings of swiss choc ice-cream
there, the satiated look on your face while savouring the ice-cream

after dinner , we went for a spin and ended up at this bridge/jetty at seletar. we came out of the car and sat down by the sea/river/i duno whats that. after 3 cans of chilled beer, we decided to have a bet on how many lampposts there were along the bridge. ok actually it was only one can. and it was apple tea. but some beer would have been perfect for that time and location. anyway we started strolling down while counting the lampposts and surprise, surprise, i won the bet! --winks!-- i usually do

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