Wednesday, July 26, 2006

SMRT wanna increase their fares, when they are still operating on a profit. WTH right, its not like they are losing money every year, they wanna increase to up their profits. They are saying the most will be a 17cents increase and it wont have much impact on most and us and all Singaporeans are above to afford the increase. Whether Singaporeans can afford or not is up to us to decide, who are they to say we surely can afford? And what makes them think that 17 cents will not have an impact, probably because they are people who thinks tat T T Durai's salary when he was CEO of NKF is peanuts.

And our Channel Newsasia reported about e propsed increase, i will quote the whole report,

SINGAPORE: The SMRT's decision to raise bus and train fares have drawn mixed reactions from the public.

Some say a small increase is justified but others questioned the decision, especially if the company is not making any losses.

SMRT had announced plans to adjust fares for its MRT, LRT and bus services, citing increased diesel costs.

But the public has mixed views on it - some were resigned to a fare increase but others were indignant.

SMRT plans to submit its proposal to the Public Transport Council by the August 1 deadline.

If approved, the fare increase could kick in as soon as October. - CNA /dt

What mixed reactions? What mixed views? Views refer to how you feel and what you think about the increase! resigned to the increase doesn mean u support it. most Singaporeans feel helpless, so what if they say no to the increase? who will listen? about the sentence stating tat some says that an increase is justified, i seriously doubt somebody who uses publiic transport will support the hike. those who think its justified surely are those who drive and think that TT Durai's salary was peanuts.
if u haven done a proper survey dun just chin chye say tat there is a mixed reaction. terrible..

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