Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In sch lib now. went to hand in my report. finally. the report that took me 4 wks ever since the last day of my PA. workload off my mind at last.

i wanted to blog about last fri's blading but jus had no time to do so. SOMEONE STALKED MAX! she's getting all attractive at a young age of 10. thanks to us wonderful cousins who constantly teach her and impart all our beauty techniques to her. -chuckles- anyway, she blogged bout it and posted a fairly decent and comprehensible entry : the stalker
Max can write quite well i feel. mind her spelling mistakes though. shes quite impressive for her age alreay. her sacarsm comes from, well, not me of cuz, the pple around her. it comes from her being the butt of most suanings. but its good training.

anyway, looks like we've settled for goodwood park tonight. it better be good! i cant wait!

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