Saturday, July 29, 2006

PTC wants to fine SBS Transit for the delay they caused at the North East line the other day. This is a case of talking out money from right-hand-pocket and putting it back into the left-hand-side pocket. Most shareholders of SBS are from Temasek Holdings, and Temasek Holdings belongs to our... yea u 've guessed it. So whats the point? When SBS made e mistake that caused the delay, it is commuters who suffered, not the PTC and not those shareholders who drives big cars? If theres a punishment, shouldnt there be a certain benefit to the commuters and not those ppl sitting there shaking legs? Im fed up. Surely free rides for a day would be a good enough punishment, and good enough to make up to commuters who suffered for their mistakes.

Rich in our country are getting riching, and poor getting poorer, it is not difficult to see why. What can we do to change e society into a better place for the poor? Or is it a case of 'if you cant beat them join them?' We need an answer quick, because it will become a disaster if this continues... I cannot bear to stay here and see the rich getting ridiculously rich and the medium and lower income ppl suffer because of so many policies tat is against them.

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