Thursday, April 13, 2006

i live at the north eastern corner of our little island, where the town is quiet and amenities are the most basic. i was on the bus the other day when i heard a old lady complaining. she was furious that green barricades (im sure u ppl see it b4, those green railings dividing the roads) were installed at small roads where traffic volume is low. she now has to walk more to the traffic junction to cross over to the bus stop opposite. those green metals are there to prevent people from jaywalking, but im sure at such deserted roads it is okie to jaywalk. so why is the government putting up such dividers?

first thing i am interested in, how much does it cost to install those metals? material plus wages. how about using those money to build a swimming pool for the people?

it may be in our interest to deter us from jaywalking, but cant they not be such a nanny. i can understand if its built across orchard road, but not on a road where volume is like 20 cars/hour! they should trust its people to make the correct judgement. in the worse case scenerio, the jaywalker gets knocked down, then it is his fault! not because he jaywalk but because he cannot even make a good judgement for such a empty road.

government expenditure is good for the economy. im not sure if the contactor is a singaporean company but i am definitely sure those workers are not local, thus the money will not flow back to our own economy and there will be little multiplier effect as they send the money back home, not spend here. that speaks of the diminishing importance of goverment expenditure as a yardstick of economic growth. since thats the case, might as well spend on something which the residents can use (swimming pool, stadium) or give the money to low income family in the estate.

those green metals are not the nicest thing u can put in a nice estate. it tells foreigners how protected we are and how dependent we are on the government. but please, we dont have a choice.

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