Tuesday, April 18, 2006

4 and a half years back when i was still in secondary sch, just before O's when we have the truncated time table, exactly on the last official day of sch, thats the day i will never forget..

the day before i skipped lesson, it was literature lesson, a 3 hours lit lesson. i went to eat seoul garden instead, with a friend who din have lessons. another 2 guys from my class skipped the lesson to play LAN..

after the morning assembly, ms esther lai, then principal of tkss, now mjc, called out our names and asked us to see her right at the parade square. she screamed at the top of her voice, asked us to wake up our ideas as O's was nearing. the two guys had a rather bad reputation, always got into trouble, while i was the guai guai kind, never got into trouble before. ms lai told us to appreciate what our poor teacher was doing, sacrificing her time to give us extra lessons. now, this lit teacher is such a liar, the lesson was part of the cirriculum, not some extra stuff that she pretended she was giving. she was there when ms lai scolded us, and she looked sad, hypocrite..

i din like her. she din like me either. becuz i was weak in lit. in class she only communicated with those who excelled in the subject and left those weak ones alone to fend for themselves. that is why i skipped her lesson.

ms lai's exact words "get out of my sch now! forget about today's lessons. you guys dun deserve my teachers' effort"

i pleaded with her and she told me to apologize to my lit teacher and ask her for permission to stay in sch for the last day's lessons. my heart and mind struggled, and i decided to leave the sch. never will i apologize to somebody i dun have a pinch of respect for.. she has been unkind for 2 yrs, my pride is more important.

din dare to go home, afraid tat my parents will ask why im home so early. so went parkway mac with the other 2 guys.. bitching while eating big breakfast.

i din do badly at all for my lit when the results came out.. but her credit is zero.. i bought guidebooks from popular and tried to learn as much as possible just b4 the exams..

there are people who are not cut out to be teachers, however they will stay in the profession.. i wonder why.. this incident splashed more paints onto my already colourful secondary school life..

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