Friday, April 07, 2006

Elections is nearing. Progressive package is given out to those 21 and above, is it just a coincidence that only those above 21 can vote?

I respect Mr Chee Soon Juan. Many see him as a trouble-maker, all out to ruin Singapore's reputation at the international stage, but maybe that is just the impression that the media gives us. I mean, who will go all the way out and offend influential figures in Singapore just because he wants to make a nuisance of himself? He has a plan, a big plan to make Singapore a truly democratic country. He has been put behind bars, fined, and have his photo plastered on newspaper with negative headlines but he still persisted. Maybe he is a little selfish in the sense that his wife and kids suffer with his bad publicity. Brave wife who supported him thru out none the less.

But i am not one to believe in opposition running the country. Look at the PAP candidates, most are highly educated and hold positions at the highest level. I read about this particular opposition canditate, a malay, with an ITE cert. When asked where he likes to dine and where he loves to hang out, he went on to say he loves to eat at kfc and will always order the 2 piece chicken meal, crispy, and he will always ask for chicken thighs because they are smoother. He loves to sit by esplanade bay and watch the waves. Well, vote him into parliament and maybe kfc will sign him up as their ambassador. Zero quality has been oppositions' downfall.

Hopefully what i have rattered won't get me into trouble. All these are just my personal thoughts, not agressive and offensive to any particular person or people.

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