Friday, March 12, 2010

famous philisopher George Herbert Mead (note to Rachel Neo: not Daniel Mead hor) introduced the concept of "the I and the me" when theorizing the 'self'. the 'I' is the spontaneous self while 'me' is the socially-conscious self. 'I' will whack the shithead professor who gives him B for an essay but 'me' will not do that as it is aware of societal expectations of him, firstly as a civilized citizens and secondly as a student.

i've been having this 'I and me' conversation inside my head lately, and its driving me crazy so much that i wish to vent it all out here.

me: you are 25 years old now and he have achieved nothing in life! you haven't even started work!

I: what do you mean by I've achieved nothing in life? i've been awarded some pretty cool accolades these past years.

me: accolades so what? can put bread on the paper not? can buy house not?

I: it is not of my own choosing what. it has to do with ns...

me: you can blame the system till the cows come home but the fact is that you are a 25 year-old with nothing! no income no assets!

'me' is so damn powerful that 'I' am beginning to think like 'me'.

why didn't mead mention about 'me' influencing 'i'? or did he?

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