Monday, February 01, 2010

fun-filled weekend 2 - dog show!!!

we attended the dog shot at tampines 1 rooftop on sunday! mummy wanted me to meet some new friends and conquer the fear i have of other dogs. she wants me to love dogs like i love human.

in the best-dressed segment, i saw some dogs and bitches all dressed up to the theme of tiger and valentine. so pretty! i wanna be dress up like that when i grow up!

the peacock!

mr tuxedo!

lovely princess!

man-in-black! and white.. and red..

and some other lovely dogs.

the most scary of all!!! mr tiger!

it was so hot that i need to look for shade. and while i was hiding under shade, mummy signed me up for two competitions! the minimum age to participate is 6 months.. i am only 5! i dunno how she signed me up but she got me all nervous... she signed me up for 'paw-paw' and 'buffet-line'. hahahahahaha i love food..!

waiting to go on stage for paw-paw!!



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