Monday, February 01, 2010

fun-filled weekend 1 - kite flying

we planned to attend some kite festival on saturday. but the weather was so damn hot that we waited at home till evening. i decided to change my image and have a new hairstyle! i was so then bored that i tried to ka-cheow the tortoises..

and then i stoned..

and then i was falling asleep..

when i opened my eyes.. i found myself on a grass patch (with lots of ants)!

and i looked up to see the most beautiful sky i've ever seen - filled with kites!

then we posed for some photos with our colourful kite!

kite-flying in action!

some kite exhibits. my personal favourite is this flying bear!

follow by this tortoise that is too heavy to take off.

what a tiring day but i loved every minute of it!

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