Thursday, January 07, 2010

Mcdonald's Doraemon SAGA

[LATEST Mcdonald's Doraemon SAGA] As a halal restaurant, McDonald's could not display or sell pig.

seems like we are not a true multi religious-racial-cultural-whatever society. what inclusive society? what integeration? pui!

its just a bloody soft toy but something so trivial ironically magnify the racial issue a zillion times and make apparent the fault lines and cracks that we often choose to believe is non-existing.

this is a discrimination against the chinese; a disrespect to the chinese culture. dun think about using the chinese zodiac as a marketing tool if you can't sell pig. you think that you can get away by replacing the pig with a cupid (a western cultural element)! it only makes the matter worse.

mc will have some explaining to do. non-thinking heads should roll.

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