Sunday, January 10, 2010

Applicable ONLY to a mid-twentier

Another year goes by and suddenly I'm in my mid twenties. 2009 wasn't a good year but I'm sure this year will be. What's your new year resolution? Let me guess. Is it to lose weight? 2 out of 2 pple I asked had a new year reso which had to do with their weight. (Ya i only asked 2 pple and got bored of asking. Rayray said he has no resolution so that doesn't count)

Generalising based on 2 feedback would not be justified. I'm guessing that some pple might aim to get a gf/bf, to improve their grades, to be a nicer person, to have more sex or quit smoking.
Whatever your commitment is, time is running out. Im listening to my favourite songs as many times as I can. Eating my favourite food as and when I want to. Reading my favourite verses over again. Singing my favourite lines until someone asked me if that's the only verse i know.

Therefore, stop being envious of what others have, stop snatching other pples bf/gf and stop ostrasising that geek in your class or that weirdly-quiet/incessantly-talking/bulimic lady in that corner of your office.

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