Saturday, December 26, 2009

U know hor, i've picked up speaking singlish. But Mummy still slangs when she wants me to perform tricks. Oh ya, talking about tricks, I have been so busy pickin them up that i haven't had time to blog. I've learnt how to sit, lay, jump, roll-over, and a couple more stuff which are so lame. Mummy is so lame. She keeps me so busy. Been to sentosa to look at hot chicks. Went to the Vet-yucks. Went for grooming after that. (I'm sure my gf YoYo will love my new clean look). Celebrated christmas. Let me just share some of my silly pics with u all lor.

Here is me and mummy at sentosa. Notice my shaggy hairdo. Urgh,can't believe YoYo fell for me with that furdo.

And then there's me all clean and handsome. Look at me and my christmas present!!So unfair, I only have 1 present while mummy has so many. By hook or by crook, by tail or by paw, I am so gonna find her presents tonight. I'll start from her wardrobe.
Ok, I'm very sure its somewhere here. Don't disturb me now, I've got some digging to do.

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