Saturday, December 05, 2009

taken from straits times, 5 dec, "Institute to study how people behave":

'AN INSTITUTE has been set up to understand human behaviour and provide research to help organisations and governments increase the performance and well-being of people.

The Behavioural Sciences Institute (BSI) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) will draw on knowledge across fields such as psychology, management, economics, sociology and policy studies to find out what influences how people think, feel and act in different settings.

BSI director David Chan gave the example of the Government's Baby Bonus Scheme introduced in 2001 to raise birth rates by giving couples money for each child they have. It was reported earlier this year that there was little impact on birth rates. 'Clearly, people do not make decisions on procreation based solely on money or economic considerations,' he said.

'We have to go beyond economic considerations to understand the underlying social and behavioural factors affecting how people feel, think and act, as well as gender, generational and cultural differences.'

Increasingly, private- and public-sector leaders are realising that people are not motivated solely by money, and seek research to understand human behaviour better.'

finally they are realizing that economics is not king in what we term as 'rationality'. i have realized this four years ahead; and have been reading the topic for four years. this institute can also be named as the institute of sociology.

now who is to say that sociology has no contribute to the society we are living in?

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