Tuesday, August 18, 2009

roughly abt 3 years ago, i did mock interviews with you in preparation for ya job interviews with the big 4. i rem waiting close to 2 hours in the car while u were having ya interview at d&t.

abt three weeks back, there we are again doing mock interview. this time round, i waited for more than 2 hours while you had ya interview.

i'm not complaining. in fact i'm hoping that i will get to go thru this ritual with you for every of your subsequent job change as your career progresses.

congrats on getting a substantial payrise and more stable working hours! hack those who dampened your spirits about having to travel for your new job. becuz they probably have no clue about whats happening (they dun really care for you to begin with, do they? why r they worrying now that you have to travel?).

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