Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These are the people who kept my spirits up. Individuals have been drawn to depict their personalities.


jL said...

you are hereby invited to a homemade potato salad for teabreak tmr..
venue: DBS building tower 2 lvl 28 cave..
time: anytime u wan but while stock last.. (cos the pig will finish it fast!)

jL said...

oh ya.. btw.. i realised ur family is full of pretty gals leh.. esp ur that smart cousin.. and of cos.. how could i not mention that pretty bimbo..
miss you.. when will i c u again!!!

Rach is hungry said...

oh well, it runs in the blood.. wahahahah so thick skinned right? i want your yummy goodie potato salad...make for me leh...cant expect me to go back to office when im on ONE WEEK OFF right? i hardly even on my office computer.


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