Saturday, May 02, 2009

Great day today. I slept till noon and woke up for lunch. Lazed at home and chatted with him till evening. Went ikea for dinner and acted like 5 year old kids. Sang till 3am and almost got lost sending yj home. Missed him and called him. Felt hungry and devoured a sweet pear. Going to sleep like a baby... whee!


jL said...

u got lost?!!! muahahahhaha..

Rach said...

haha i found my way in the end ok..and realised i made one big round before i finally reached her house. Not like she realised it though ;)

jL said...

hahaha.. damn funny.. it will be a miracle if she realised cos tt would not be the YJ tt we use to know anymore..

u MC today arh? what happened?!


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