Sunday, April 06, 2008

I finally bought a new wonderful phone which has GPS and WIFI and video call and touch screen and qwerty keypad. Everything I want in 1 iPod-size phone. I totally dig it. BUT GUESS WHAt??? the frugling WIFI is NOT working! Singtel promised to give me a replacement once new stock arrives. Still, that does not appease a dissatisfied Samsung-Singtel customer.

And as if going to one of the jewellery outlets for a freakin stock-count at 10pm after i finished work at 9 is not bad enough, I'll be at Tuas for the next month!

I just checked my work schedule and the stupid resource girl booked me from June to Aug on a job when i already applied for leave. Damn whoever that girl is. Cant she get other pple? How to clear my time-off like that?? BIATCH. Im so gona confront her when i finnaly have time to go back to the office.


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