Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From Today:

see the disparity in treatment...

"Mr Wong said the director of the ISD had“accepted responsibility for what has happened and apologised”.“Having known him for many years, I told him I have full confidence in him and he must carry on”, with the locating of Mas Selamatand preventing future escapes his top priority, said Mr Wong, who had consultedwith the Prime Minister on this decision."

"...those held accountable – both junior officers and those in the supervisory and management levels of the Whitley Road Detention Centre (WRDC) – face disciplinary action. Under the Public Service Regulations and Police Force Act, a civil servant or a police officer may be demoted, dismissed or asked to retire. Lesser punishmentssuch as stoppage or defermentof increment, fine or reprimand,or a combination of such penalties, may also be imposed."

a case of elites taking care of elites isn't it?
management, supervisory and operational level all kena.. director shakes leg with the support of the minister.. come on.. whats justice?

And also...

HOUGANG MP LOW THIA KHIANG : “I would like to ask the Deputy Prime Minister whether he is aware there is this ground speculation that Mas Selamat had died in the Whitley Road Detention Centre and the Government is staging all these to cover up his death.”

MR WONG KAN SENG: “Instead of him telling me about this ground speculation, may I ask Mr Low whether he believes that indeed Mas Selamat has died?”

MR LOW: “No, I don’t.”

MR WONG: “I do not know why he wants to raise it here since he doesn’t believe that Mas Selamat has died in Whitley Road Detention Centre, so I see no point in perpetuating a ground speculation in this House and giving credence to it.”

Note that Wong did not falsify the speculation.. Maybe.. just maybe.. the less being said the better it is.

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