Monday, November 19, 2007

yay im home early so i can pack my stuff for NewZeeeeealand. Am i being ganjiong or what? Between you and me, the OWs have long ago packed their stuff last week. Come to think of it, i was quite busy last week except for Mon being unassigned for FULL 8 hours. I spent Tues busy vomiting, wed-fri busy coping with "hate-him" and his unstoppable droning. Finally, after 3 and a half months of envy, i have officially been put on the audit of Hermes!! Oh please don't envy me, its nothin much really. -lousy smirk-

I carefully scrutinized the electronic receipts and came to a flabbergasted, stupefied state of how poor i am. How can someone buy 1 item for 37,500.00 and pay IN CASH? Im pretty certain its counterfeit. Im unsatisfied. There must be someone who walks in and pays less than a hundred. Maybe for a keychain or just for the paper bag. But hor, don't have leh. I was so angry i stole their lemon biscuits.

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