Friday, November 30, 2007

exams are finally over.. but you are in new zealand.. im so bored.

dun have a good feeling about this sem, even though i'm confident for 5 out of my 6 papers.

all becuz of that particular module which i have only gotten a B for my 25% essay.

one B will really pull my GPA down by a fair bit..

have to plan my time table soon, not sure if i wanna do 5 or 6.. 5 like vey slack but 6 modules of 4AUs can be quite crazy.

starting work with nac this coming saturday at esplanade.. so exciting!

cant wait for u to be back.. i deserve a good meal with you after slogging away for the exams alone.. cant understand why you always have to be away during this hectic period.

luckily the papers r okie if not i really dunno what to do if i need somebody to whine to.

off to watch betty! (surprise right.. haha!)

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