Monday, July 09, 2007

A tinge of nostalgia

As we drove past our alma matta, I felt a sudden craving for waffles and bubble tea at the budget bubble tea stall. I bought them. Red tea + chocolate waffle. Some things never change.

The small stall looked different. But I recognized the owner. It was no longer the same man with that signature greasily gelled hair, combed back in a Shanghai Tan fashion. This new owner was nonetheless familiar. I recognized him at once, as the owner of “Each-a-cup” back then - the kind soul who willingly offered me another cup of milk tea when I spilt every drop of mine.

As we sat on the stools outside the stall, chatting about how we used to pon lessons, we figured that my waffle and bubble tea could taste so much sweeter if we were in school. So off to our car and Back to school!

A place so familiar, yet somewhat foreign. I could almost see myself sitting on those benches. Everything looked pretty much the same, less the cool cafĂ© benches that they’ve got near the stadium now. Each table is up on a 3-stair high platform on its own. We walked to the middle block. Pointed at familiar faces and giggled at candid photos plastered on the wall.

The canteen stalls have changed although the view from the canteen remains as before. Training on the volleyball court and guys playing soccer on the basketball courts. As I said, some things never change.

Finished my food and went to the toilet to wash up. I stared at my own reflection, recalling how I used to preen myself in the mirror and tie my hair over and over again until I got that perfect tie. (Not like it made any difference to others) Pictured myself in that uniform. Just so happened that my hair was tied up in a neat ponytail, exactly how I used to wear it with my uniform. I looked the same! I fought the urge to look at the mirror once again but couldn't resist.


Cher said...

Who did u go back with?

rach said...

babe! i went back with him.. =)


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